An Introduction To Quantum Physics by Anthony Philip French Edwin F.Taylor

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By Anthony Philip French Edwin F.Taylor

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The Discovery of the Electron The electron, as a constituent of discovered by J. J. Thomson in 1897. 4 of several decades of experiments by on electrical discharges in gases at established that a stream of all kinds of atoms, many low pressure. was emitted by any electrode charged rays, different some kind of rays, potential in an evacuated tube. was This was a culmination Were It workers had been called cathode to a high negative these rays particles or electromagnetic radiation? There seemed to be evidence for Thomson both interpretations, but then clarified the situation through his decisive experiments.

1-11 A NOTE ON X-RAY SPECTROSCOPY The early study of x rays was one of the most exciting and important episodes in the history of physics. It was in 1895 that W. K. Roentgen first observed the production of penetrating radiation when cathode rays (themselves not yet fully understood) were stopped in the walls of a discharge tube. u Sev31 W. K. December 39 1-11 Roentgen, Sitzungsber, 28, 1895; translated, Nature 53, A Wurzburger 274 (1896). note on x-ray spectroscopy Phys. -Med. , Collimating Screen with photographic emulsion X-ray tube 4 "%-- — Crystal target (a) Fig.

6 eV) (the so-called ionization that agreed well with obser- vation. 1-8 FURTHER PREDICTIONS OF THE BOHR MODEL Bohr noted, in his first paper on the theory, that Balmer spectra in the light from stars more, whereas only a dozen lines sources were used. He many as 30 lines or appeared when laboratory showed as could account for this by assuming that lower pressures, and hence greater interatomic distances, exist luminous atmosphere of a star than in the tube. (Note that, to n 2 . Thus relatively by Eq.

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