An Algebraic Introduction to Complex Projective Geometry: by Christian Peskine

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By Christian Peskine

Peskine does not provide loads of reasons (he manages to hide on 30 pages what frequently takes up part a booklet) and the workouts are difficult, however the ebook is however good written, which makes it lovely effortless to learn and comprehend. prompt for everybody keen to paintings their means via his one-line proofs ("Obvious.")!

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When this is the case, we will often consider A as a subring of S-'A. 1. The part S = A =A follows. The canonical ring homomorphism i : A and only if all s E S are units. If T 81 of all non-zero elements is multiplicatively closed. 2. The ring S- 'A is a field, the fraction field of A , often denoted by K ( A ) . 3. The canonical ring homomorphism i : A --+ K ( A ) is injective. 9 Let A be a domain and f : A -+ K an injective homomorphism with values in a field. There is a natural factorization of f through the fractions field K ( A ) of A.

If it has rank r , consider an isomorphism HomA(A/M, D ) cv r ( A / M ) . It induces isomorphisms HomA(HomA(A/M, D ) , D) 1 : HomA(r(A/M), D) is an isomorphism for all finitely generated A-modules M . cv r(HomA(A/M, D ) ) N ? ( A I M ) . 22 Let k be a field. The dualizing k-modules are the k-vector spaces of rank 1. Since D is dualizing, A I M N HomA(HomA(A/M, D), D ) and r2 = 1. 23 If an artinian ring A is a dualizing A-module, A is a Gorenstein artinian ring. Before we go on, let us prove, by induction on 1(M),the following assertion.

If rk(Mp) = r for all P E Spec(A), we say that M is locally free of rank r . Note that if M is locally free of positive rank r , then Supp(M) = Spec(A). Note furthermore that in this case the Ap/PAp-vector space Mp/PMp has rank r for all P E Spec(A). 35 Let A be a domain and M a finitely generated A-module. Assume that 7-k(AP,pAp)(Mp/pMp)= r for all P E Spec(A). Show that M is locally free of rank r. 36 Let M be a finitely generated module on a Noetherian ring A. Then M is of finite length i f and only if all prime ideals in Supp(M) are maximal.

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