American Voudou: Journey into a Hidden World by Rod Davis

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By Rod Davis

This chronicle of Davis's decided look for the genuine legacy of voudou in the United States finds a spirit-world from New Orleans to Miami so as to shatter long-held stereotypes in regards to the faith and its position in our tradition. The real-life dramas of the practitioners, precise believers and skeptics of the voudou global additionally supply a notably diversified entree right into a half-hidden, half-mythical South, and through extension into an alternative soul of the US. Readers attracted to the dynamic relationships among faith and society, and within the offerings made via humans stuck within the flux of clash, should be heartened by way of this designated tale of survival or even renaissance of what can have been the main persecuted faith in American background. The tensions that experience arisen among Cubans and African americans over either the management and the assumption method of the faith is mentioned. Davis increases questions and provides perception into the character of faith, American tradition, and race kinfolk.

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My choice of this spelling is admittedly arbitrary, but I think it necessary to break the lin- Page 10 Brochure advertising Voodoo Museum, French Quarter. Page 11 guistic thought-lock emanating from the "voodoo" word picture. In addition, its etymology is distinctly American, befitting the scope of this book. " But others, myself included, think it is important to retain use of the word voudou itself. As an influential priest once told me, "The word will not go away. I wouldn't want it to go away.

Eliminating the slave religion, and replacing it with Christianity, required centuries of repressive laws, executions, maimings and brainwashing. But it worked. Which is why we were performing one of the most devout rituals of the voudou culture at the French Market under cover of night, instead of among throngs of well-wishers on a weekend afternoon, or on Sunday morning TV. <><><><><><><><><><><><> At the third corner, Gary ran into difficulty with the obi. He had to throw several times, because the numbers weren't coming up right.

You could barely see it in the tight smile on Gary's face. "You looked open," he said again, then shrugged and escorted the yaguo away. Earlier, while waiting for Gary and the yaguo to arrive at the market, I had seen business done at that stand. I walked over to Fredo. "You're open," I said. " Fredo's eyes narrowed as he checked me out. " He said something equally snappy. I made a couple of quick calculations and figured this was a bad place to pick a fight. Gary and the yaguo had moved down the walkway.

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