Amazing Words: An Alphabetical Anthology of Alluring, by Richard Lederer

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By Richard Lederer

With attention-grabbing etymologies and letter styles of greater than four hundred daily phrases, bestselling language author Richard Lederer deals insights into the main bedazzling, beguiling, and bewitching phrases within the English language. Readers will notice why William Shakespeare could be hiding within the outdated testomony; why "run" is the longest note in English; how people's names turn into universal phrases; and the way the Bible, mythology, the ocean, the land, express company, and video games spark phrases and words in daily vocabulary. Chock-full of transfixing notice histories, magical letter play, and hilarious puns, Amazing Words is a vital e-book for wordaholics, logolepts, and verbivores.

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Extra info for Amazing Words: An Alphabetical Anthology of Alluring, Astonishing, Beguiling, Bewitching, Enchanting, Enthralling, Mesmerizing, Miraculous, Tantalizing, Tempting, and Transfixing Words

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Org Across 2 3 4 6 7 8 overestimate turned, rotated ascertain belligerent abominate, loathe, detest pronounce, enunciate, vocalize 9 govern, governs 11 criticize, criticizes, impeach 12 vacant 14 extinguish, douse, quench 16 resisting 19 crow, jackdaw 21 inspect 23 amputation 24 occupy 26 diffusion, disperse, dispersion 27 resign 28 entertain 29 authorize, empower Down 1 differ 3 regulate, regularize 5 quarterly 10 wash, ablution, washing 13 kinetics 15 terminate, enclose, impound 17 disappear, vanish 18 cataract, waterfall 20 protect 22 evolve, develop 25 undress, divest, unclothe Solutions: abomino, abrigamos, amputação, articulais, autorizo, beligerante, catarata, cinética, constatem, critica, desaparecemos, despi, diferis, dispersão, encerrais, evoluam, extinga, governa, gralha, hospedais, lavagem, preencha, regularizas, relutando, resignem, rodado, superestimais, trimestralmente, vacante, vistoriam.

Org Across 3 had polluted 4 will survive, will outlive 5 will fasten, will seize, will nab 6 will inhibit 9 had lowered, had downloaded, had subsided 11 will locate, will localize 16 will scatter 18 had prescribed 20 will highlight, will emboss 22 will succeed 24 will anneal 25 will align 26 will click 27 will perspire, will transpire 28 will offend, will revile 29 will arrange, will enjoin 30 will hinder, will impair, will inhibit Down 1 will cannibalize 2 will prescribe 7 will keep 8 had hardened 10 had fumigated 12 will condense 13 will retrieve, will recover, will regain 14 had smoked 15 tendentious, biased 17 will reimburse, will repay 19 will talk 21 will acidify 23 will adhere, will cohere Solutions: aderirei, alastrareis, alinharás, azedarás, baixaras, canibalizarão, clicarás, condensarão, conversarão, fumegaras, fumigaras, inibirás, injuriarás, localizarei, lograrei, manterás, ordenarei, poluíras, prejudicarei, prenderei, prescreveras, realçareis, receitarás, recozerás, recuperarei, reembolsarei, sobrevivereis, temperaras, tendencioso, transpirareis.

Org Across 3 protecting 4 regulate, regularize 6 distract, divert 7 proceed, behave 8 evading 10 overestimate 11 yearned 14 depress, depresses, discourage 16 degraded, abased, demoted 20 prepare 22 melancholy, dreary, gloomy 24 admire, amaze 26 omit 28 accumulate 29 mock 30 satisfy Down 1 forbid, prohibit, disallow 2 analyze, decompose 5 insist 9 join, associate, come together 12 leave 13 reflected, reverberated 15 calculate, compute 17 stencil 18 pronounce, enunciate, vocalize 19 drape 21 cowardice 23 finish 25 explode 27 join, unite, rejoin Solutions: abrigando, admirem, articulam, associar-se, caçoamos, computo, covardia, decomponha, desanima, distraí, drapejamos, empilho, estalas, estêncil, evadindo, insistam, melancólico, preparam, preterimos, procedes, proibem, rebaixado, regularizais, reúna, reverberado, saí, satisfaça, superestimas, suspirado, ultimais.

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