Algebra and Trigonometry with Analytic Geometry, Classic by Earl Swokowski, Jeffery A. Cole

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By Earl Swokowski, Jeffery A. Cole

The most recent version within the hugely revered Swokowski/Cole precalculus sequence keeps the weather that experience made it so well-liked by teachers and scholars alike: its exposition is obvious, the time-tested workout units function quite a few functions, its uncluttered structure is attractive, and the trouble point of difficulties is acceptable and constant. Mathematically sound, ALGEBRA AND TRIGONOMETRY WITH ANALYTIC GEOMETRY, vintage variation, 12E, successfully prepares scholars for extra classes in arithmetic via its first-class, time-tested challenge units

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52 ϫ 10 3 Exer. 19–24: The two given numbers are coordinates of points A and B, respectively, on a coordinate line. Express the indicated statement as an inequality involving the absolute value symbol. 84 ϫ 10 3͒ 45 The point on a coordinate line corresponding to 22 may be determined by constructing a right triangle with sides of length 1, as shown in the figure. Determine the points that correspond to 23 and 25, respectively. ) Exercise 45 Exer. 25–32: Rewrite the expression without using the absolute value symbol, and simplify the result.

Notation or terminology aʦS a S S is a subset of T Constant Variable Meaning Illustrations a is an element of S a is not an element of S 3ʦ‫ޚ‬ Every element of S is an element of T A letter or symbol that represents a specific element of a set A letter or symbol that represents any element of a set ‫ ޚ‬is a subset of ‫ޒ‬ 3 5 ‫ޚ‬ 5, Ϫ 22, ␲ Let x denote any real number 28 CHAPTER 1 FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS OF ALGEBRA ͕x ͉ x Ͼ 3͖ is an equivalent notation. We usually use letters near the end of the alphabet, such as x, y, and z, for variables and letters near the beginning of the alphabet, such as a, b, and c, for constants.

2 Exponents and Radicals If n is a positive integer, the exponential notation an, defined in the following chart, represents the product of the real number a with itself n times. We refer to an as a to the nth power or, simply, a to the n. The positive integer n is called the exponent, and the real number a is called the base. Exponential Notation General case (n is any positive integer) a1 ෇ a a2 ෇ a и a a3 ෇ a и a и a a6 ෇ a и a и a и a и a и a u an ෇ a и a и a и иии и a n factors of a Special cases The next illustration contains several numerical examples of exponential notation.

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