Advances in Male Mediated Developmental Toxicity by Jack B. Bishop (auth.), Bernard Robaire, Barbara F. Hales

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Ch. 2 Abnormality Ch. = Chromos ome; Trans. = Trans loca tion; Monos. = Mon osom y; Tris. = Triso my; ' 3 small fragments were present in every metaphase and may have bee n centromer ic; CP = cyclophosphamide; AA = allyl alcohol; doses as in Table 2. 16 ..... D. 09±1. 10 Implantations 25 25 48' No . D. 204·"±O. D. 23 24 38 No. D. D. Late deaths No . OOI (by analysis of variance and least significance test on arc-sine transformed data).

The effect of urethane on tumour incidence in the offspri ng of CD-I mice after acute (intraperi toneal) exposure of males (number of Fj anima ls shown) Paternal treatment (acute) ; Tumour site Kidney Limb Liver Lung Pancreas Thymus Urogenital Uterus/ovaries Total with at least one tumour Tota l with no tumo urs Tota l no. 026. The exact time of mating, within the week after treatment, and local husbandry condi tions can have an effect on observed responses . In order to obtain sufficient numbers of offspring for analysis, there is a delicate balance between death through dominant lethality and surviva l of normal and malformed offspring, creating a "window" for detectio n of effects.

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