Advanced Dairy Chemistry Volume 3: Lactose, water, salts and by V. H. Holsinger (auth.), P. F. Fox (eds.)

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By V. H. Holsinger (auth.), P. F. Fox (eds.)

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Lactulose solution and water are injected and pure lactose and other sugars are obtained. The Morinaga Milk Industry Co. Ltd of Japan produces lactulose syrup (MLS-50), a highly purified lactulose syrup (MLS-95), lactulose powder (MLP-40), lactulose crystals (trihydrate, MLC-H), and lactulose crystals (anhydrous, MLC-A). These products are used in a variety of food and pharmaceutical products in Japan. Lactulose is applied as a 'nutraceutical' in some sectors of the food industry, especially infant formulae.

Lactose is added to salad dressing, mayonnaise, soups and sauces to enhance flavour and confer added stability to various proteins in the formulations against flocculation at acid pH and pasteurization. Because of its properties as a free-flow agent, lactose may be added to instant powdered soups and sauces. The confectionery industry uses lactose in certain types of candies because it changes the crystallization behaviour of the other sugars present and improves body, ,texture, chewiness and shelf-life.

Bulletin 238, International Dairy Federation, Brussels, pp. 62-7. Fuertes, P. and Fleche, G. (1991) Process for oxidation of di-, tri-, oligo- and REFERENCES 33 polysaccharides into polyhydroxycarboxylic acids, the catalyst used and the products so obtained. Eur. Patent 232,202. G. (1993) Preparation and properties of syrups made by the hydrolysis of lactose, in Lactose Hydrolysis, Bulletin 289, International Dairy Federation, Brussels, pp. 33-7. H. (1989) Latest state of research on lactitol and dental caries.

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