Absolutely Small. How Quantum Theory Explains Our Everyday by Michael D. Fayer

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By Michael D. Fayer

Physics is a fancy, even daunting subject, however it is usually deeply satisfying—even exciting. And liberated from its mathematical underpinnings, physics unexpectedly turns into available to somebody with the interest and mind's eye to discover its good looks. technology with out math? it is not that strange. for instance, we will comprehend the concept that of gravity with no fixing a unmarried equation. So for all those that can have meditated what makes blueberries blue and strawberries pink; if you happen to have puzzled if sound particularly travels in waves; and why gentle behaves so in a different way from the other phenomenon within the universe, it is all a question of quantum physics. totally Small provides (and demystifies) the area of quantum technology like no booklet sooner than. It explores clinical concepts—from debris of sunshine, to likelihood, to states of topic, to what makes greenhouse gases bad—in significant intensity, yet utilizing examples from the standard international. not easy with out being...

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The electronics in the radio amplify the oscillations of the electrons in the antenna and convert these oscillations into an electrical signal that drives the speakers to make the sound waves that you hear. So we can think of light classically as an oscillating electric field and an oscillating magnetic field. Both oscillate at the same frequency and travel together at the same speed in the same direction. This is why they are called electromagnetic waves. VISIBLE LIGHT For light in a vacuum, λν = c.

The wavelength, velocity, and frequency of a wave are related through the equation, λν = V. OCEAN WAVES Waves in the deep ocean travel with the crest above the average sea level and the troughs below sea level. A typical ocean wave has a wavelength λ = 160 m (520 ft) and travels with a velocity of 60 km/hr (60 kilometers per hour, or 38 miles per hour). 1 Hz. The amplitude is just the distance between a crest and a trough. Therefore, it is relatively straightforward to visualize the amplitude. (Waves break at the beach because the troughs drag on the ocean bottom in shallow water, which slows them down.

Imagine that you are sitting in the audience pretty far back from the orchestra. When a 440 Hz A is played, the acoustic wave comes directly at you but it also bounces off the walls on either side of you. If there is a reflection from the wall to your right and a reflection from the wall to you left so that the reflected acoustic waves (sound waves) from each wall come to your row of seats at, for example, a 30° angle, an interference pattern will be produced along your row of seats. There will be places where reflected waves constructively interfere and make the sound louder and places where the waves destructively interfere and make the sound softer.

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