A textbook of inorganic chemistry vol.XI part II

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Content material: Brown, H. C. Meerwein and equilibrating carbocations. -- Olah, G. A. From boron trifluoride to antimony pentafluoride looking for strong carbocations. -- Hogeveen, H. and van Kruchten, E. M. G. A. Wagner-Meerwein rearrangements in long-lived polymethyl substituted bicyclo(3. 2. 0)heptadienyl cations.

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A) If a nonpermeant solute is separated from pure water by a semipermeable membrane through which H2O passes freely, (b) water molecules enter the solution (osmosis) and the height of the solution column in the tube rises. The pressure necessary to push water back through the membrane at a rate exactly equaled by the water influx is the osmotic pressure of the solution. 4 atm of pressure. Osmotic pressure is directly proportional to the concentration of the nonpermeant solute. 42 Chapter 2 ● Water, pH, and Ionic Equilibria to store substances such as amino acids and sugars in polymeric form.

What is the total length of the E. coli chromosome? How does this length compare with the overall dimensions of an E. coli cell? How many nucleotide pairs does this DNA contain? The average E. coli protein is a linear chain of 360 amino acids. If three nucleotide pairs in a gene encode one amino acid in a protein, how many different proteins can the E. coli chromosome encode? ) 4. 6 ␮m in diameter. a. What is the volume of a single mitochondrion? b. Oxaloacetate is an intermediate in the citric acid cycle, an important metabolic pathway localized in the mitochondria of eukaryotic cells.

6. Biomolecules interact with one another through molecular surfaces that are structurally complementary. How can various proteins interact with molecules as different as simple ions, hydrophobic lipids, polar but uncharged carbohydrates, and even nucleic acids? 7. What structural features allow biological polymers to be informational macromolecules? Is it possible for polysaccharides to be informational macromolecules? 8. Why is it important that weak forces, not strong forces, mediate biomolecular recognition?

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