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Nayanti pause nayasi-nayathah. -nayamah. longer pause nayate-nayete-nayante pause nayasenayethe-nayadhve pause naye-nayavahe-nayamahe. As with practising the alphabet, it is far more e ective to sound this once, ten times a day, than ten times once a day. For your convenience a reference sheet with the full conjugation of dhatu n is given below: this also has a list of all the verbs that will be used in the simple sentence exercises. parasmai-pada ekadvibahuvacana vacana vacana prathama- nayati nayatah nayanti .

In the alphabetical order this follows the sibilants and is the last letter of the alphabet: . . a sa ha. 5 The Alphabetical Order Having now considered the whole alphabet in sound and Roman transliteration, it would be useful to start becoming familiar with the alphabetical order. The order is best memorized in groups as shown below: a a i  u u r. r. l. l. e ai o au am. ah. 6 Devanagar Alphabet Here are the rst ten consonants in devanagar script. Each symbol includes the sound a; for example, the rst symbol is ka and not just k.

svah. naram nayate 2. narah. hanti 3. an nayete 4. a
svah. hati ca narah. vadati ca 5. narah. a
svah. ca nayete 6. an nayamahe d Translate the following sentences into Sanskrit: 1. The man leads the horse, 2. The two horses lead the man, 3.  are speaking and leading, 4. The horse leads the man to the tree, 5. The tree and the horse are standing, 6. . 28 A Practical Sanskrit Introductory This page is intentionally blank: there aren't many of them, so enjoy the rest while you can! 1 Devanagar Alphabet Here are the next ten consonants in devanagar script.

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