A Lost History of the Baha'i Faith: The Progressive by Shua Ullah Behai, Eric Stetson

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By Shua Ullah Behai, Eric Stetson

A background of the relations of Mirza Husayn Ali Baha'u'llah (d. 1892) informed from their very own viewpoint. those are these Baha'i kinfolk of Baha'u'llah whom Abbas Effendi 'Abdu'l-Baha made Covenant Breakers and ostracized from the better Baha'i sect. This ebook is the 1st of its style and a major old record.

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Книга была издана в 1727 году в Британии, в Лондоне. Неизвестный автор, вероятно, из пуритан. Хотел предостеречь своих сограждан от самого страшного врага человечества – дьявола. Он подробно описывает всевозможные козни и уловки повелителя тьмы. Внимания автора удостоились различные случаи появления дьявола среди людей, его влияниена ход человеческой истории.

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D. Shaykh Ahmad Ahsa’i was succeeded by his devoted disciple, Haji Siyyid Kazim Rashti, who came from a prominent merchant family. While a young man, one night in a dream this future leader was authorized by a supposed “saint” to enroll himself under the spiritual guidance of the said Ahsa’i. He proceeded accordingly and eventually became a devout disciple of the great Ahsa’i, in whose doctrine he attained such a fame that after his death he was unanimously recognized as the 37 39 The year of birth of Shaykh Ahmad is uncertain.

Cole and others to leave the Baha’i faith are described in an academic article by Karen Bacquet, “Enemies Within: Conflict and Control in the Baha’i Community,” originally published in Cultic Studies Journal, Volume 18:109- Preface xxxvii The Need for Critical Baha’i Scholarship Although Juan Cole and the other reform-minded Baha’i scholars did not call for a reevaluation of the great schism that occurred in the Baha’i faith between the followers of two of Baha’u’llah’s sons—focusing instead on modern debates—a fresh and open-minded examination of the earliest debate about the nature and extent of Baha’i institutional authority is in fact long overdue, and could shed much light on how this religion, which paradoxically began as a movement against the stultifying authoritarianism of Shi'ite Islam, eventually adopted some similar characteristics.

33 Ali Reza, son of Musa Kazim. Muhammad [al-Jawad] Taqi, son of Ali Reza. Ali [al-Hadi] Naqi, son of Muhammad Taqi. Hasan Askari, son of Ali Naqi. H. ] The Shi'ites hold that he did not die, but disappeared in an underground passage in Surra Man Ra'a; that he still lives surrounded by a chosen band of his followers in one of the 36 mystical cities called Jabulqa and Jabulsa; and that when the fullness of time is come, when the earth is filled with injustice, and the faithful are plunged in despair, he will come forth to overthrow the infidels, establish universal peace and justice and inaugurate a millennium of blessedness.

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