Pocket guide to AIDS by Omar Bagasra, Donald Gene Pace

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By Omar Bagasra, Donald Gene Pace

The Guide to AIDS is succinct evaluation of HIV/AIDS from a human-interest standpoint. Chapters specialize in a few of the universal styles and prevention of HIV transmission and debunks misconceptions approximately HIV and AIDS. short descriptions the human immune process and epidemiology of HIV are integrated. The cultural component to illness, therapy and dwelling with AIDS is vital to a lot of this consultant meant to synthesize, clarify and de-mystify HIV and AIDS.

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Broken homes and broken communities surely play a part, as do discrepancies in educational opportunities, and lack of religious instruction. Poverty, health care disparities, and entrenched racial biases all contribute as well. Yet these seemingly intractable challenges may be at least as hard to change as the behaviors that cause HIV infections. The means to prevent HIV are largely known, yet because they intersect with the human freedom to choose, even the best efforts to prevent new cases have often proven as elusive as the quest for an AIDS vaccine.

Of the approximately 8,000 individuals in the placebo group, 74 were infected by the end of the three years. This was substantially higher, and at a statistically significant level, than the 51 participants out of 8,000 that were given the experimental vaccine. The benefit was in the area of outright prevention. Those who contracted the disease did not have lower levels of HIV infection because of the vaccine. The vaccine seemed to be ineffective in reducing the 14 A Guide to AIDS severity of already present viral disease.

Generally, it takes only one to two weeks to mount a response against a virus such as influenza [2]. So, why such a delay? Once the antibodies are produced against HIV, their counterattack typically fairs. Acting much like a miniature Trojan horse, HIV relies on the body’s immune system to attack itself from within! Generally, so helpful in fighting pathogens, classical immunity loses the battle when using traditional means to defeat the atypical HIV enemy. Two categories of immunity, antibody-mediated (humoral immunity) and T-cell mediated immunity (CMI), and the different vaccines that rely on these types of immunity, simply have not worked.

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