A Grammar of Subordinate Structures in English by Eldon G. Lytle

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By Eldon G. Lytle

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As previously pointed out, such features have semantic value and must be present in the deep structure for semantic interpretation before trans10 11 Jacobs and Rosenbaum, 1968, 259-260. Katz and Postal, 1964, 74. 34 JUNCTION formations apply. The question to be resolved, then, is this: Where, precisely, must envelope features be attached? In order to illustrate the difficulties involved, let us consider this question as it relates to a specific nonrestrictive modifier: (7a) Are professors, who enjoy poetry, idealistic?

Le) The Titanic, which set out on her maiden voyage, sank. (If) The Titanic sank and she set out on her maiden voyage. (lg) John, who took the exam Saturday, failed it. (lh) John failed the exam and he took it Saturday. (li) The Cagers, who will be tops this year, lost all their games last year, (lj) The Cagers lost all their games last year and they will be tops this year. (Ik) The plane, which was last seen a week ago, turned up today. (11) The plane turned up today and it was last seen a week ago.

We cannot, however, take this as evidence for a conjoined sentence origin 52 THE AUTONOMY OF CONJUNCTION VS. SUBJUNCTION of the relatives. The recursive mechanism provided by the phrase structure rule S —S {and S)" is sufficient to yield conjoined relative clauses of restrictive as well as nonrestrictive posture: Men who are rich and who share with the poor In other, words, some men are rich and share with the poor, and they are a blessing Here who1 2 and who have the same value for U, but both are restrictive.

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