A Dictionary of Urdu, Classical Hindi and English (1884 by John Thompson Platts

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By John Thompson Platts

Munshiram rep. hb. top to be had variation, very legible printing, reliable binding. vintage reference paintings

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Below:—āṭh-pahar (and āṭhoṅ-pahar), adv. m. ):—aṭh- (or āṭh-) konī, adj. m. m. A canopy or any structure supported by eight posts or pillars:—aṭh-mās, aṭh-māsā, aṭh-wāṅsā (S. m. f. e. f. A silver coin worth eight annas, an eight-anna piece, a halfrupee:—aṭh-wārā (S. m. The eighth day after any other day; a period of eight days; a week; the use, or loan, of a thing for a period of eight days:—aṭhotar-sau (S. ashṭa+uttara+śata), adj. One hundred and eight:—āṭhoṅ, coll. s. & adj. v. above:—āṭhoṅ-jām (jām = S.

H ‫ اﭤﺎل‬अटाल aṭāl [S. f. ), cf. ‫ ﭤﺎل‬ṭāl. H ‫ اﭤﺎﻻ‬अटाला aṭālā [S. v. (2). t. To load (a cart) till it becomes top-heavy, to overload:—aṭālā lagānā (-kā) = aṭālā karnā. speak incoherently, or at random; to talk nonsense:—aṭpaṭ bolnā, To speak at random; to talk nonsense. H ‫ اﭤﭙﭥﺎﻧﮓ‬अटपटांग aṭpaṭāng, and also uṭpaṭāng (aṭpaṭ+ang), adj. (f. -ā), Poor, miserable, wretched; wicked; disorderly, irregular; thoughtless, absurd. f. Poverty, wretchedness; wickedness; absurdity, nonsense. H ‫ اﭤﭙﭥﻬﻲ‬अटपठी aṭpaṭhī, = H ‫ اﭤﭙﭥﻲ‬अटपटी aṭpaṭī, adj.

M. m. m. m. Self-restraint:—ātma-saṅyamī, adj. m. To commit suicide:—ātma-ghātak, adj. m. (f. -inī), Restraining self;—one who practises (f. -ikā), and ātma-ghātī, adj. m. (f. f. f. m. (f. -inī), Anything 32 self-evident:—ātma-vādī, adj. m. (f. f. The science of the knowledge of mind, or soul, or self:—ātma-vishayik, adj. m. (f. -inī), One who sells himself:—ātma-hit, adj. (f. f. v. A ‫ اﺗﻤﺎم‬itmām [inf. n. m. t. n. To be completed, &c. v. ‫ ﺁﺗﻤﺎ‬ātmā. f. Excellence; superexcellence; superiority; greatness; worth.

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