A Day in the Life of a Teacher by Heather Adamson

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By Heather Adamson

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When Knights Were Bold

Lively and fascinating photograph of existence in castles and manors, monasteries and cities throughout the center a long time. the outline of the customs of knights is principally complete. bankruptcy titles comprise web page, Squire, and Knight; The Knight's fingers and Armor; Jousts and Tournaments; tips to catch a fort; everyday life in a fortress; existence on a Manor; Pilgrimages and Crusades; army Orders, clergymen, and Monasteries; Hermits, Friars, and Missionaries; lifestyles on the town; service provider Gilds and Craft Gilds; How items have been bought; colleges and Literature; technology and medication; and structure and the humanities.

Times Tables Made Easy: Hints, Tips, and Tricks for Mastering Multiplication

Occasions Tables Made effortless isn't really a workbook. it is a full-color reference ebook, full of tricks, shortcuts, and mystery ideas for studying your instances tables. It comprises time-tested, teacher-approved equipment equivalent to doubling (to grasp the 4x desk, simply double the solutions from the 2x desk) and portioning (to determine 6 x 12, holiday the 12 into 10 and 2).

The book of princes and princesses

Andrew Lang's well-known coloured fairy books have been in truth in simple terms half, a little less than part, of a bigger sequence of storybooks for kids. one of the undeservedly missed books of the bigger sequence is that this ebook approximately genuine princes and princesses. those girls and boys do not need fairy godmothers or making a song animal acquaintances, yet they nonetheless have every kind of interesting adventures.

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With a rush of clarity, he remembered the pot of water simmering on the small stove. It was his only chance. Scrambling to his feet, he staggered toward the dim blue flame and snatched the boiling pot from the burner, the metal handle burning the folds of his knuckles. At that instant, the stranger made an odd, growling sound as he triumphantly snatched his gun from the leaves. Bobby never even slowed down. Charging full tilt, he slung the scalding water in an awkward underhand Softball pitch, catching the intruder squarely in the face.

To his own ear Bobby sounded petrified. The cop shined a flashlight in his eyes. " Next, he shined the flashlight in through the rear window. Bobby noted with a tiny flutter of hope that the man's weapon was not drawn. " Hope bloomed even larger. "I think so," Bobby said, forcing a smile. " The flashlight came back around, but this time at a less imposing angle, aimed more at his door than his face. "None I can think of. We just don't get many people driving the roads this time of night. " Bobby had to fight off a giddy little laugh as relief washed over him.

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