Book of Nonsense (Routledge Classics) by Edward Lear

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By Edward Lear

From the benighted outdated guy with a Beard to the erudite Perpendicular crimson Polly, Edward Lear's global is inhabited via a bewildering number of oddities. one of many world's so much enjoyed writers, Lear's verse has thrilled entire generations of readers. right here, after a hundred and forty years, is the unique variation of A publication of Nonsense, from the unique publishers. entire with Lear's personal outstanding illustrations, this treasure trove of nonsense is absolute to carry readers spellbound for generations extra!

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There was an Old Man of the South, who had an immoderate mouth; But in swallowing a dish, that was quite full of fish, He was choked, that Old Man of the South. ” There was an Old Person of Rheims, who was troubled with horrible dreams; So, to keep him awake, they fed him with cake, Which amused that Old Person of Rheims. A book of nonsense 32 There was an Old Person of Cromer, who stood on one leg to read Homer; When he found he grew stiff, he jumped over the cliff, Which concluded that Person of Cromer.

There was an Old Man of the Cape, who possessed a large Barbary Ape; Till the Ape one dark night, set the house on a light, Which burned that Old Man of the Cape. ” That oracular Lady of Prague. There was an Old Person of Sparta, who had twenty-five sons and one daughter; He fed them on snails, and weighed them in scales, That wonderful person of Sparta. A book of nonsense 53 There was an Old Man at a casement, who held up his hands in amazement; When they said, “Sir! ” That incipient Old Man at a casement.

There was an old person of Dutton, whose head was so small as a button; So to make it look big, he purchased a wig, And rapidly rushed about Dutton. A book of nonsense 40 There was a Young Lady of Tyre, who swept the loud chords of a lyre; At the sound of each sweep, she enraptured the deep, And enchanted the city of Tyre. There was an Old Man who said, “Hush! ” He replied—“Not at all! ” A book of nonsense 41 There was an Old Man of the East, who gave all his children a feast; But they all eat so much, and their conduct was such, That it killed that Old Man of the East.

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