52 Small Changes for the Mind: Improve Memory, Minimize by Brett Blumenthal

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By Brett Blumenthal

Small alterations paintings. during this useful booklet, health specialist Brett Blumenthal finds how one can hone in at the brain because the origin of total wellbeing and fitness and wellbeing and fitness. She provides one small, a possibility switch each week—from constructing track appreciation to consuming brain-boosting meals, training mono-tasking, incorporating play, and extra. the buildup of those way of life adjustments finally results in enhanced reminiscence, much less pressure, elevated productiveness, and sustained happiness. sponsored via learn from prime specialists and whole of precious charts and worksheets, 52 Small alterations for the Mind presents a highway map to a greater life—and proves that the adventure may be as worthwhile because the vacation spot.

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Flip through some pictures of you having fun. smile at strangers Depending on where you live, it may seem strange to smile at a complete stranger. Doing so, however, can boost confidence, make you happy, and, of course, rub off on the other person. Although it may feel awkward at first, the more you do it, the easier it will be. WEEK 3 / 33 strengthen your smile There are two types of smiles: those that are natural and genuine, resulting in a contraction of the muscles at the corner of the eyes (also known as the “Duchenne smile”), and those that are artificial.

It may not feel genuine at the beginning, but at the very least it can produce the physical and mental benefits described here. Further, the more you practice smiling, the more naturally it will happen. DID YOU KNOW? 4 spend time with children and pets Both children and pets tend to elicit natural smiles from us. Their playfulness, lack of inhibition, and general curiosity make them entertaining and funny. As a parent or a pet owner, enjoy as much time with your children and animals as you can. If you are childless and/or petless, look for ways to gain more exposure to children and animals.

34 / 52 SMALL CHANGES FOR THE MIND WEEK 4 BE A GOAL SETTER If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things. —albert einstein NO MATTER YOUR age, goal setting is an extremely beneficial practice. Setting and pursuing goals gives life greater meaning and purpose, increases happiness, and gives structure to decision making and prioritizing. Setting goals, big or small, promotes independent thinking—a key component to finding happiness. To truly see benefits, however, it is imperative you set goals that are authentic to you.

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